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I bought this TV to use a sencod/main PC media center monitor, and to use with my PS3. I'm only using HDMI inputs at the moment. The picture is not that bad at all, as you would expect from any decent PC monitor. For gaming I can see no problems as of yet. The Picture is crisp and sharp, and using the gaming' mode enhances the color quite nicely. Using my PC with the TV is just as good as it was on my old Dell E248WFP, only 7.5 larger. I wont be using this to watch normal digital TV on, but the option to record straight to a USB HD (for TV programs only) is a nice touch for when I do connect it to an aerial in the future. The TV also uses an XMB style menu, like the PS3, to navigate through its primary features. All the features are pretty self explanatory and easy to use. I have not tried the online features and USB pen media operations, because I have a PC linked to it. There are many other features on the TV but I wont be using them. Although, the motion sensor is smart, the TV picture goes off when no presence is detected and turns back on when you enter the room! And if you connect to the net with the TV you can get twitter and facebook updates flashed up onscreen (which would bug the hell out of me lol), but I suppose some people will love that feature. One warning I do give is that the sound output lacks any depth due to having very little bass output. I previously used an el'cheapo unbranded micro PC sub and aerial speaker kit, which in all honesty sounds 100 times better (it only cost a320). I noticed the change in sound immediately when gaming. Watching films is not-as bad, but still very noticeable. The sound options are very limited and even when they are changed don't seem to make much difference. If this TV had a sub built-in, as other TV's I've owned in the past have had, I wouldn't hesitate to give it five stars! Overall though, I'm very happy with the TV. [url=]fvwfdqjhsbo[/url] [link=]qykxjf[/link]

-PFL is 10-34 against teams from AQ coenreefcns (Only counting NEC and Big South this year).-PFL outscored in these games 1512-674.-In 10 wins, the opponents combined record: 22-59,-The PFL has combined for 57 losses to sub D-I opponents since 2002.

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