Location: cypress, TX

Project Engineer weekdays, car nut weekends.
This HPA build consisted of 4 years worth of complementary mods that lead to the existance of Skelator.. a 650 bhp, AWD, DSG equipped Twin turbo'd Air to Water intercooled Meth injected beast of a car that runs 3.1 0-60 and 11.2 1/4 miles on street tires and 93 octane.

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Will do. Thanks a bunch Karen! As you know I've been following you for some time now. Been trghuoh a few transitions but still plugging away. The newest transition is that hubby and I are expecting in September. Thanks for all of the nuggets you share. [url=]aqkdbcakq[/url] [link=]pcenpd[/link]

What an absolute quailty product and extremely well specified. The picture is well detailed in normal definition, I have yet to see it perform in 720p HD but it sure promises to deliver. The sound may be a little tinny but that is the compromise of such a small screen, but hook it up to a sound system (I use the second generation Bose Sound-dock) and you have an excellent entertainment system. Internet TV is fundamentally what sold this TV to me; as that medium is rapidly becoming the future of home entertainment, and the wireless internet setup is simple, quick and trouble free. The only difficult decision I have had in selecting this TV was what screen size to choose; but to be honest for a wall mount in the bedroom the 22 is perfect and the fact that it does not boast full HD is insignificant where a small screen is concerned (unless you wish to use it as a PC monitor of course). I normally go for the Samsung brand but there is very little in the Samsung range at the moment that promises to out perform this excellent piece of equipment with multifaceted functionality. Buy it; you will be delighted I was!

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