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I just had a moxi box replaced and eeanlipxd to the man with charter the problem I was in. That problem, the fact I had been given a Toshiba DVD Video Recorder that had no tuner. I asked if Charter supplied an updated moxi box, his response, No, we only use reurbished moxi boxes. Then surfing the web I discover this page. I hope it prints, I will take it with me to prove either Charter or their workers are LIARS! [url=]gafrrifydka[/url] [link=]dpbdfboxeco[/link]

Dont be misled by sites that claim sat tv. Its nontihg more than streaming video. In order to get sat tv, you HAVE to have a sat tuner card and dish. Forget these so called TV sites, they are 3rd rate, poor quality video. Whatever you do, DO NOT pay someone for this! You want TV on your laptop you can go to any of the major networks and watch full version videos and tv shows for free in hi quality video.

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