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2011 Ford Escape XLT: Sirius radio worked fine for svereal months then, in January of 2012 got the dreaded satellite radio fault display. Talked with Sirius Customer Service and they confirmed that my account was valid. Tried the typical re-activation signal process and still got nothing. Talked to Sirius again and they seemed to be aware of this problem occurring with Ford products and told me that it is a defect with the vehicle.I called the local ford dealer in Fairfield, California and arranged to drop the vehicle off for radio repair and a 10K service. When I went to pick up the car I was told they couldn't get the radio repaired in the time I had available. I would have to bring it back and leave it with them for svereal days because they would need to order parts. On March 5th I took it back to the dealer. Got a loaner car and was told the repair would probably take about two days. On the 8th I got a call from the dealer telling me that they replaced the antenna and that didn't solve the problem. I told them that they could have read the Ford blogs and they'd find out that this problem is rampant with Focus, Fusions and Escapes. In all cases it ain't the antenna that's the culprit. In doing my research it seems there's a faulty module buried deep within the bowels of the dashboard. Perhaps the dealers are reluctant to venture into those dark depths? It is now March 11th and we haven't heard further from the dealer. It would seem the training and communication between Sirius and Ford service departments is lacking. I've had excellent experience with XM radios in my GM products and my Subaru no problems of any kind, ever! I can't understand why Ford and Sirius can't get their act together.I will report the latest news after I call the dealer tomorrow morning, perhaps the time change will bring good news. Stay tuned . . . . [url=]mypcov[/url] [link=]tokzwul[/link]

Hey Howard, I put my name on the waiting list for the FCD Pro a few weeks ago.. I rieceved an email from you but I was wondering where abouts I am on that list ? Dear L33 Tru3Thank you very much for your interest in the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ that you made on 05 October 2012 Kind regardsL33

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