Check out the agent. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if the agent has a history of complaints. Call the QuotesChimp insurance department to see if the agent is licensed or has disciplinary actions on record. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals from agents with whom they've personally done business.

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Customer review from the Amazon VineT Program () In my never-ending quest to rlcpaee all of my old cathode ray tube televisions around the house (three more to go!) , I decided to give this product, the RCA 22LB45RQD 22-Inch Full 1080p LCD/DVD Combo , a try. This LCD TV is a moderately-priced, low frills television, but includes DVD player. Interestingly, the TV includes full 1080p resolution (many, if not most TV's of this size are 720p). For the non-technophiles, this refers to the TV's ability to accept a 1080p signal and display it with a resolution of at 1080 horizontal lines. More lines mean you can display a better resolution picture, although your input signal also has to have a high resolution; otherwise the TV will up-convert the signal. If you use this a computer monitor rather than as a TV, it will allow you to achieve a resolution of up to 1920 d7 1080.Pros:- It's light, around 12 pounds total. The older 20 inch CRT TV that this is replacing weighs over 40 pounds. I'm continually amazed at how light and thin TVs are now. I used to buy televisions in part based on whether I could carry them by myself, and found myself limited to a 27 inch screen. Nowadays I'm probably limited more by the spread of my arms. - You can choose from several different picture aspects (normal, widescreen, zoom, cinema) to get the least distortion and best picture, depending on whether you're watching an old 4:3 format show or a 16:9 widescreen movie. This is a nice feature that isn't always found on lower-priced LCD TVs.- There are plenty of input jacks one HDMI, 1 set of composite and 1 set of component video (only one of which is useable at a time, though), RF, a USB port, headphone jack, etc. All of the jacks are on the left.- The sound volume can be turned up very loud. The volume of many LCDs is a problem, where the loudest setting is barely adequate if there is any other noise in the room (kids playing, for example) competing with the TV. But the volume for this TV is great.- The remote is full-sized and laid out logically.- Assembly was easy; you only had to mount the TV onto its pedestal, which meant using 4 screws to connect the TV to the base. It took me only a couple of minutes, and after that, the TV was ready to go.- I had no problems with the DVD player, and it worked fine. Just note that you have to insert the DVD so that the label points away from you (which is intuitively backwards to me, at least). From the tech specifications info provided, the DVD will play/display the following: DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/JPEG, and the USB port will play/display MP3 files and JPEGs.Cons:- Like most LCD TVs, it's slow to turn on and slow to change channels, although if you're using a satellite or cable box, the time to change channels isn't an issue. It takes five seconds from pushing the power button until the picture appears, and two seconds to change channels. This isn't a big problem for me, as I knew that about LCD TV's going in, but I mention it in case it's an important consideration for you.- The picture is very good, but the viewing angles are only fair (but better than some of my other LCD TVs.) It will take a VESA standard 100 X 100 mount if you want to hang it from your wall and adjust the viewing angles that way.- The power cord was a bit hard to connect (but you only have to do that once!)Overall, I really like this TV/DVD combo, especially how thin and light it is. It's a good TV for your spare bedrooms or home office/den. And due to the 1080p resolution, it can also serve as a decent computer monitor. Four stars. [url=]mgmgkxtqq[/url] [link=]zirooybp[/link]

Hello L33.The data is buried deep in the ecrmoemce system I'm afraid, so to get this information is quite time consuming and I am sure once I do it for one person, everyone's going to want to know their position! What I can tell you is that the FCDs are released strictly in the order in which payment is received after the invitation to purchase is sent.Many thanks, Howard

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