Number of fans: 4
Location: San Francisco, CA
Measurements: 34C-24-34 Height: 5'4"

Bio: I was born and raised in San Jose, CA, and I currently live in San Francisco. I love to travel, and I've been to four- fifths of the United States, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and China. I've also been lucky enough to visit the countries that my parents were born in, the Philippines and Canada. I am very interested in learning about my diverse roots, and I hope to someday become fluent in Tagalog. I love that modeling is a job that requires and allows me to travel. I enjoy discovering how people live in other places.

My competitive spirit, commitment and ambition in modeling stems from the fact that I have been a competitive athlete my whole life. I've been playing ice hockey for fifteen years. I have been to the Women's Ice Hockey Nationals three times, and I have been one of the select few chosen for the National Olympic Training Camp in Lake Placid, NY, twice, where I was ranked among the top female ice hockey players in the nation. I played co-ed travel ice hockey until I was nineteen, so I was always one of the boys. I'm still a tomboy at heart, and I play men's adult league ice hockey when I'm not too busy with work, travel or modeling.

I have always been really into cars. When I was younger I used to spend tons of time looking at cars online or in magazines, wishing that I had the money to collect them. I'm a big reader and I loved to look at car magazines and cut out the pictures of the rides that I wanted. I always dreamed of having an NSX, a Maserati or a Lamborghini Murcielago. Right now, I drive a 1990 Nissan 300zx with exhaust, a body kit, spoiler, tint, wheels, custom leather seats, and rare pale gold original paint. I also have a rare white collector's 1994 Honda Civic Si. I have had my share of "off- the- track" racing, but someday soon I want to learn how to drift, road race, or drag race.

I got into modeling five years ago, when some of my close racer friends told me that I should become an import model. They told me that my petite size and mixed asian ethnic background would be considered ideal for the import scene. I wasn't sure if I believed them, because I had always been a sporty girl and I had never thought of myself as the modeling type. They encouraged me to create modeling sites on and (which is now Everything took off from there. I got my first spokesmodeling gig through A model recruiter from L.A. saw my online profile and called me to offer me a job working at the myspace tent at the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour. I am a very social person, and I love meeting new people and experiencing new things. The job was a perfect fit. I had a great experience and the pay rate was so much better than anything I had ever done before. At that point I decided that spokesmodeling was what I wanted to do.

Modeling has given me a lot of great opportunities, and I've gotten to do a lot of fun things, like working at exciting events and being on television, internet, and radio. Currently, I am proud to be a 2009 West Coast Official Spokesmodel for the Redline Time Attack Track Series, as well as the Official NorCal Celica Model. In 2008 I was an Official HIN Girl and HIN Correspondent. I have worked at everything from NASCAR events to various tradeshows, expos, and extreme sports events, and I was featured as the Official Mountain Dew Trophy Girl on the National Championship of Gaming, which was broadcast on Comcast the summer of 2006 and re- broadcast the summer of 2007. I've also been lucky to be featured in various magazines and print advertisements, both nationwide and international, including DSport, Modified Magazine, Car Craft Magazine, Xplosive Magazine, Hot Machine Weekly (Hong Kong), Gal's Paradise (Japan), and many others! I hope to someday honor my Filipino roots by being featured on the cover of a magazine in my father's country of birth, like Maxim Philippines or FHM Philippines. I also have quite a bit of acting, dancing, and television and video- hosting experience, so I would welcome any future opportunities in those fields. I hope that I will keep getting these fun and interesting opportunities as I go further in my career. I'm a bold and spontaneous person who's down for anything, and I'm looking forward to whatever comes my way!


Quick Stats:

Ethnicity: Filipina & French
Magazine, Print, and Calendar Work Highlights:

TunerPlayground Girlfriends Calendar - 2010
Import Tuner Magazine - Redline Time Attack Feature - September 2009
Super Street Magazine - SpoCom Bikini Contest Photo - September 2009
Performance Auto and Sound Magazine - Redline Time Attack Coverage - June 2009
Heavy Hitters Magazine - Wekfest Feature - June 2009
DSport Magazine - Redline Time Attack Feature - June 2009
Modified Magazine - Weapon- R Ad - April, May, June, July, August 2009
Car Craft Magazine - Pucker Up, Baby!: "On the Rack" Fashion Pages - April 2009
Eurotuner Magazine - SEMA Coverage - February 2009 - Advertisement - 2009
Car Craft Magazine - Smokin' From the Rear: "On The Rack" Fashion Pages - February 2009
Car Craft Magazine - The Cobra's Bite: "On The Rack" Fashion Pages - February 2009
Car Craft Magazine - Exotica: "On The Rack" Fashion Pages - January 2009
Super Street - Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Weapon-R Ad - 2009
Synergy Motorsports Calendar - 2009
Imagine Models Calendar - Miss December - 2009
Dsport Magazine - TAS Tour Page - September, October, November, December 2008
Dsport Magazine - N1 Concepts Advertisement - 2008/2009
Dsport Magazine - Tokyo Auto Salon Feature - April 2008
Hot Machine Weekly (Hong Kong) - Winter 2008
Gal's Paradise Magazine (Japan) - Tokyo Auto Salon Collector's Edition 2008
Carbon 8 Mag - Babe of the Month - May 2008
Xplosive Magazine - Winter 2007
San Francisco Chronicle- Beauty Bar Pageant Coverage - 2006

Television, Video and Radio:

TunerPlayground - Video Hostess for Event Coverage: Extreme Autofest, SEMA, Redline Time Attack Finals - 2009
SCTV - Banana Slug News - News Anchor 2008
HINtv - Interview & Entertainment Segment - Chicago 2008
Thrust Film - Promotional Video - Pomona 2008
Import Lifestyle Video - Nisei Week, Los Angeles 2008
SRO Magazine Video Shoot Segment - Newark 2008
Girls of Hot Import Nights Video - 2008
XtrainerSpace Workout Video 2 - San Francisco 2008
XtrainerSpace Workout Video 1 - San Francisco 2008
360 Racing Video - Filmed at Fatlace Show 2008
J's Racing TV Feature 2007 - SEMA show Las Vegas 2007
Direct TV - Natl. Championship of Gaming - Trophy Girl - San Francisco 2006
KMTG 98.3- "The Stampede"- Morning Music Show Host- 2003-2004

Recent Achievements:

2009 Redline Time Attack Official Series Spokesmodel
2009 TunerGogo Dancer
2009 Official NorCal Celica Spokesmodel
2009 Miss. Topline Pageant First Runner- Up
Tuner Playground Featured Model of the Month - March 2009
Formula Drift Flag Girl - Round 6 - Infineon Raceway - September 2008
2008 HIN Girl Correspondent
2008 Official HINcity Girl
SRO Magazine Featured Model - 2008
Dfined Featured Model - August 2008
Imagine Models Model of the Month - June 2008
Carbon 8 Mag Babe of the Month - May 2008
JDM Revolution Model Contest Winner - 2008
Battle of the Imports Bikini Contest Winner - Sacramento 2008 Featured Model - Spring 2008 Featured Model - Spring 2008
Tattoo Host Model Contest Winner - December 2008
Xplosive Magazine Featured Model - Winter 2007
Mountain Dew Championship of Gaming- Official Trophy Girl- 2006
Beauty Bar Pageant Winner - San Francisco 2006

Fashion Work:

LolliMe Bikini Fashion Show - April 2009
Full Time Artists Clothing Shoot - December 2008
Car Craft Magazine - "On the Rack" Clothing Shoot - September 2008
Exposed Fashion Show - Runway - September 2008
SRO Magazine Clothing Shoot - August 2008
Die-Cut Custom Jewelry and Accessory Shoot - July 2008
Pioneer High Fashion Show - Runway - June 2004

Marketing and Promotional Modeling Experience Highlights:

N1 Concepts - Japanese Auto Parts Supplier (Aug 2007 - present) - Eibach, JdmTheory
HIN, SEMA, Battle of the Imports, Nightshift, CMI Track Events, SpoCom, Nisei Week
J's Racing - Auto Parts Supplier and Race Team (Japan) - Tokyo Auto Salon (2008)
BLOX - Automotive Performance Parts Company (Sept 2007 - present)
Hot Import Nights, Battle of the Imports, Nightshift
Bassforms - Automobile Audio Accessories Company - SEMA (2008)
US Concepts -Marketing Company (2008) - Captain Morgan Rum/ Red Stripe Beer
Limelite - Marketing Company (2008) - Jameson Whiskey/ Malibu Rum
Attack! Marketing and Promotions - Marketing Company- Toyota /USA Network/ Club One/ CommVault/ Myspace (2006 -2007)
Passage Events - Marketing Company - Cingular /Starbucks / POM tea / Nintendo DS / Full Throttle (Jun 2006- Dec 2007)
Pilar Marketing - Marketing Company - ING Promotion (July 2006)
Night Agency Promotions - Marketing Company - Bombshell Poker (May 27, 2006)
BMT Promotions - Mktng. Company - Natl. Championship of Gaming (July 21-22, 2006)

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