Number of fans: 11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Hometown: San Diego
Ethnicity: Filipina
Height: 5'6"
Measurements: 34-25-36
Profession: Student
Favorite Drink: Pineapple juice

Bio: At the age of 19, Mariel was introduced into tradeshow/convention modeling as she was approached randomly to do a weekend show while leaving campus. Intrigued by the whole experience, she worked with local photographers to build up her portfolio. Not too long after, Mariel had signed with local and national modeling agencies, including Prestigious Models. Mariel is available for print work, tradeshows, spokesmodeling, promotional events, auto shows, fashion shows, nightlife & gogo appearances in and around the Las Vegas area as well as on the national/international level.

A few of the companies that Mariel has worked with include Redken, Old Spice, Hotheads Hairwear, White Science, Fluxus Brand, General Motors, Hankook, Spotlight, Honduras Caribbean, Flud. Mariel can also be seen working multi-city events such as Formula Drift, Hot Import Nights/Nighshift, SpoCom, NASCAR, and TunerGalleria. Mariel has made club and gogo appearances in the following cities: New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Orange County, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and San Jose. Online Features include: CarbonMag, PASMag, Spotlight.

Aside from modeling, Mariel is a full-time student working towards attaining her degree in Business Marketing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

You may continue to keep in touch with Mariel through the following sites:

What do you feel most comfortable wearing? Usually whenever I'm just at home, I wear shorts & some sort of top. I hate lounging around & sleeping in pajama bottoms or pants, it gets too uncomfortable for me. Even in the winter, I'm lounging around in shorts still!

Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year? I would have "an amazing romp once a year"! Quality was always better than quantity and it definitely holds true in this case!


Hello! It's my first post!

Posted: 4/5/2010

Just wanted to throw out a quick "Hello" to all of you! I hope you all are enjoying the TunerGalleria website. My first show was in Chicago and I can't wait to give you all my insights as to how the show was as well as photos, so stay tuned!


hy ! you look amazing :*

hola 23
John Tackett

Mariel thank you for letting me meet an extraordinary young and Beautiful Woman such as yourself, I can now say I really met a sweet and kind hearted Beauty in the Real Mariel Mendoza. :-) you have a lifetime friend in me Mariel :-)
Larry Brown

You rocked it at Tuner Galleria in Chicago hun.

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