Number of fans: 4
Location: New Orleans, LA
Hometown: Rota, Spain
Ethnicity: spanish/white and a touch of egyption
Height: 5'5
Weight: 116
Measurements: 34, 25,36
Profession: Department of Defense employee
Favorite Car: Carrera GT
Favorite Drink: Fanta Limon which I can't find in the states! : (
Favorite Quote: "We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be." (Anne Lamott)

Bio: Oh Goodness!! I LOVE being with my family and friends. I am originally from Rota, Spain and miss my family over seas a bunch. I Love to travel, shop, eat, watch sports/movies, like fast cars, drink wine, go out and dance and just have a good time. I am extremely happy and am so thankful for all the blessings in my life. I graduated college and hold a federal job that I am proud of. I am a hard worker, determined, loyal, fun, kind, honest, and played sports all my life. Excited to see what the future holds for me. I have big plans for my life and will follow my dreams and goals. ?

What fun fact or talent about you should fans know about? I played soccer in college. I like to get a little ruff!!

What is the most memorable pick up line you’ve ever heard? Did it work? Your a ferrari and it really needs to be driven. Sure didn't.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? I honestly have to think about this.... maybe I need to live on the edge a little bit more!

What is the most unusual place you have ever hooked up? Take a wild guess?!?! ; )

What do you feel most comfortable wearing? High heels and a sexy dress!

Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year? It's never boring ; )


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Your son is going to grow up to be a movie buff. His first movie date was hilarious, an adrentuve. Haha. Anyway, off topic, I love your template's header and background.

Michael Perez

she´s hot man
i love her photos

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