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Thank you!

Posted: 3/5/2013

The event was amazing, for my first official time in Chicago, though it was cold. It was fun! Chicago has such a great group of car enthusiast! Until next year
Brenda Noi


Posted: 1/30/2013

In October I got the chance to actually step into California for the first time for C.A.M.E3 (Celebrity and Model Expo).
I met tons of beautiful ladies and got to actually sell some of my own prints!
I also got to sit next to the beautiful Jelly Ranger and got to gogo dance for the first time on stage.

Love my new fans

Posted: 6/19/2012

Tons of new fans on tumblr now! So happy
Hope it never stops


Posted: 1/25/2012

Working at a Toyota/Scion dealership you'd think I would take more photos with those type of cars..hmmm should I? Little questions that just randomly pass through my mind.


Posted: 1/25/2012

Planning to go to TX2K12!
Trying to figure out a place to stay since I'm not 21 yet so I can't check myself into a hotel!
But it seems that things are working out and I WILL be attending!

Hopefully getting noticed around there will finally start my pull out of living in a small town in KANSAS!

Someone get me outa here! Haha

~Brenda Noi

Brenda Noi

Location: Kansas City, KS

As far as I can remember I've always had a passion for modeling.
Just the feeling of being in front of a camera, and having your emotions forever put into something as permanent as a photo...
I use to lay out in the grass in my front yard and, as different cars passed, I would do different poses and freeze like a statue. I probably did this for a good hour or so...It's embarrassing now that I think about it...but it also makes me smile knowing that I haven't given up on my dream.

As for myself, I am a very upbeat person. I cannot sit still I have to be doing something and knowing I'm making someone smile!
I am a very easy going person who is always laughing and known for her laugh! I love that my smile can make a person who looks miserable at least smirk a bit!
That's what makes my day!