Danielle Lo

Location: San Francisco, CA

Hello Everyone!

My name's Danielle and I am proud to say I am affiliated with Prestigious Models :)) I'm extremely young at heart, bubbly and optimistic!

Modeling has become such a large part of my life and I'm so thankful I became involved in the industry. I've been able to travel to places including London, Milan, India and will be traveling to Australia as well! Traveling has always been something I have enjoyed, and it's always wonderful meeting people from other countries.

Aside from modeling, I am still in school. I took a few years off to pursue a cosmetology license, however, I ended up going back to school after realizing the importance of having a degree. Especially during this time in our economy school is a great option for those without a steady job!

Free time isn't always something I'm afforded, but whenever I have the opportunity I explore new places, try new activities, and spend time with my family and friends.

Deep down, I'm just a total dork and I absolutely love making people smile and feel good about themselves! :)