Number of fans: 9
Location: Chicago, IL
Hometown: Midwest
Ethnicity: Japanese and Caucasian
Height: 5"4
Weight: 118
Measurements: 34/24/34
Profession: Professional model, personal trainer etc.
Favorite Car: Eww the new Lambo
Favorite Drink: What kind of drink? non alcholoic Arnold palmer (raspberry Ice tea and lemonade)!
Favorite Quote: "Success is the best revenge!" Its short sweet and straight to the point!

Bio: I was born in Denver Colorado, raised all over the Midwestern United States, living on the north side of Chicago with plans of moving to Miami then Los Angeles. I'd have to say I'm athletic, creative-minded, a professional model with a huge side of tom boy and Midwestern girl at heart, who intimately knows that there are no limits, only plateaus, and that I must constantly strive to go beyond them; thereby constantly exceeding my set level. I enjoy being outdoors, hunting, shooting guns and my favorite are bows. I love watching and playing sports! But most importantly I have a need for speed! Anything that has a souped up engine I'm down to ride! We haven't gotten enough snow here so far but 4 wheeling, snowmobiling and hiking are all calling my name. Besides Im a CO native, I was born to be outside. Spring snowboarding in Denver,CO is the best! Cant wait...I could go on and on!!

What fun fact or talent about you should fans know about? Im pretty blunt, out spoken and only hold back if I absolutely have too! You either like it or you dont, Im past pleasing others, live your life! Cant say that was a fun fact but its a fact! haha

What is the most memorable pick up line you’ve ever heard? Did it work? irst off, no pick has and ever will "work" because they usually dont lol
It was, "Are you a parking ticket? (What?) You've got fine written all over you." Which I didnt give him to much of a hard time after because he was somewhat clever with the parking ticket line due to Chicago being notorious for that!
I swear guys look these up before going out every night!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Mmm thats kind of a tough one, besides street racing in cars and bikes.. I'd have to say sex in public! Come on... Im sure most everyone has or wants to try it!

What is the most unusual place you have ever hooked up? Whoa, I just answered that, in public and outside!

What do you feel most comfortable wearing? Nothing isnt an answer, so Im going to go with tight/fitted T's and short shorts or sweats! Commando style for sure! With hair up and no make-up.

Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year? You're totally not going to believe me but Ive gone a long time without not quite a year but I'd have to say that one amazing romp! Because its always better when you hold out, hey! Just being honest!


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