Blast!!!! :)

Posted: 3/5/2013

I had the best time at Tuner Galleria this past weekend!!! All the girls were absolutely beautiful and sooooooo nice! I enjoyed meeting everyone and everyone there at the event were so helpful in anyway needed! I can't wait to come to next years show!!!!!! I'm so honored to be miss tuner galleria! Thanks everyone!!!!! Much love tuner galleria!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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Kayla Rae

Location: Omaha, NE

My name is Kayla ! I am very upbeat and happy! Usually always smiling!! I'm very passionate about my modeling aspirations and look forward to what the future holds! I'm just a bubbly person and can get along with anyone! You can throw whatever task or challenge my way and guaranteed ill accomplish it no problem! :)