Posted: 5/4/2010

Hey guys! I just wanted to check up on everyone and see how you are doing?!! There are a few events coming up in Dallas,TEXAS. So if you are in the area you should definitely stop by!
or Face book me: jeannie Nguyen
and I will keep you posted on the events!

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Jeannie Nguyen

Location: Dallas, TX

As you all know my name is Jeannie Nguyen. I am an only child and come from a very traditional and cultural background because my parents are originally from Vietnam. Although I can speak,read, and write Vietnamese fluently,I'm pretty sure your first impression of me will be different. I currently attend Baylor University; majoring in biology and then pursuing to pre-medicine. Like my mom would always tell me "There's a lot more to it then a pretty face." Likewise, you would never guess what sport I totally love doing!WRESTLING!Yes guys, girls can wrestle too. I've done folk-style wrestling ever since my sophomore year in high school. It was a painful, yet amazing experience. The medals I won were so meaningful because it shows how much stronger I can be by controlling my strength both mentally and physically. Now that I am in college I must concentrate on two things: Make my parents proud which means, children: STAY IN SCHOOL!The second thing is to live my life to the fullest,because we only have one life to live. So here's a basic list of the things I love: My family,Ice Cream,Sports in general,computer games(Audition,Halo,CS.etc), Singing,exercising,smiling,challenges,boys,and of course THE PMGIRLS! My dislikes: People who are just mean. :P Favorite Places: Vietnam, California,France,and Japan! Favorite car: Nissan GT-R (one day..) Ro-Model(s): My mommy and daddy. Like I would always say, "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."