Kelly Marie

Location: Berwyn, IL

Hi all! My name is Kelly and I am originally from Florissant, Mo. So here is a little bit about my past. I grew up as a Tom-Boy. I was always playing all kinds of sports: volleyball, softball; I even tried out for a boy's football team when I was 13! When I realized I would never be tall enough to play wide receiver, even though I kicked butt, I decided to focus on soccer. I was recruited to play for a college in Chicago and have been there ever since. I will be finishing my European History Degree at Dominican University in December 2014. After, I plan on getting into graduate school, finishing my P.H.D., and becoming a History Professor!
I am hardworking and spontaneous! I love experience everything to the fullest. I actively try to make the very best out of every situation. I'm what you would call a "glass-half-full" kind of girl! I love working with people and enjoy a dogs company almost as much. In my free time, I like to be outdoors. My favorite thing to do when I visit Missouri is to go four-wheeling along the river bank and fish awhile.